27 June 2012


18 June 2012


The best feeling ever is just changing yer covers and just sinking into them. That's me right now! Hehehe, ain't I sweet? Currently I'm in bed braiding my hair. Yawnin.

Recently I haven't been able 2 stop eating. Really need 2 cut down and go to the gym more. I feel like a sloth.

I also talk 2 much most of the time. Ill talk about shit I find LOL/awks/interesting, and I get so into it I become to sweat and become almost out of breath. Every1 kind of doesn't care about what am I saying, so when they try and speak I swiftly interject them with 'jus 1 more fing..'. Their eyes droop and bodie's shrug. Fml

Y can't I be a rapper or a poet?

Maybe I am

Gossip gal xo xo
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17 June 2012


This whole week my hayfever has been going ape shit. I rock that 'krusti nose ring' vibe. Ya feel me?
Sometimes I hope it looks like I'm snorting up left over Cocaine, 2 push further my t33nage rebellion. MUM N DAD PLZ DNT LOOK @ THIS.

I've pushed myself to go out. Went all the way to BARNES. I saw a couple of these 'we wear creepers n high sox!! kl!' year belows who laughed at me. AWKS. Instead of being cool I just walked forward and tripped on something. We met this dude at the pub who literally was the biggest load of boll0x. The convo went something like this..

'So like I went to China, last year, and you know when you get those, like, *flix hair* epiphany moments every 2, 3 years? Well, fuk, I got them eVERY DAY M8! This world is so small in comparison. Like, I'd be cycling amongst the little kiddies, SO HIGH  on some herbs and they'd be looking at me like all chilled, but it was fucking HILARIOUS cos they didn't have a clue in da world I was high as a kyt!!! Shit.'

'Wow. Awesome.. Who'd you go with?'

'My Dad. You know as well, we were all high, cos he's properly into weed, and like I'm on the toilet, and I'm CHiiiLLED like HIGH and I see this snake. This snake was like proper looking into my eyes as if he was gonna eat me so I started calling people you know?'

'Who the fuck did you call in India m8? Customer service?'

And so on it went..like that. P00R GUY. P00R US. Actually it was pretty hilarious.


Sick of Hummingbird cupcakes that just are full of nothingness?

Well here we see DA GAL EATIN FOOD making 'Full English Muffins' consisting of bacon and black pudding.



10 June 2012


Hi! So I haven't been blogging or whatever due to exams and shit. But I'm back wurld. Da bitch Iz back! (Lolz).

So today I went to my cousin's bday. I come in in my pyjamas and with my naturally stunning face (no makeup) only to be showered with compliments.

'Anna have u got chikenpox?' My little cousin asks.

'Um, no.....'

'Cos u have red dots on ur face.'

So I guess my 'acne' is getting rapidly better then..awks. The whole time I was going red whilst bullshitting about my future and art. Everyone looked at me as if they were confused by my thoughts. W/e bbz. I'm kinda shy at these things.
Shit, am I actually intimidated by my 9year old cousin's m8s?

There was also cake that was nice. Some moist chocolate sponge. Mm. I was startled, as there was play dough as the icing. I think I noticed this AFTER eating two slices. Now facin the consequences w some toilet aktion.


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