HELLO WURLD! I realize I've not been blogging recently. Studying for my examz so I'm trying my hardest not to get on the computer.

Whats new? Well I'm obsessed with the 80s. It's not some 'cool edgy' obsession. It's got to the point where I watch Grease and Saturday Night Fever bawling my eyes out, singing 'Hopelessly devoted to you' with my Dad screaming shut up at me. Due to watching interviews with John Travolta I was also contemplating Scientology. WTF. I feel like I'm being brainwashed.

At school I'm bullying the teachers into marking my shit. 'WHERE THE FUCK WAS THE TEACHER?' 'She was at the hospital..' #awks. Poor thing, I'm like sending her to her deathbed FFS.

I've developed an acne breakout due to my stress. Been interviewing myself recently. I'll be in the kitchen cooking dinner and I'll be all 'Yeah, you know, you just have to follow your dreams.' 'Oh Juan from Mexico sent in a fan letter.' I'm saying all this bullshit thinking nobody's home, and then my Dad will come in, when I am miming using a fucking microphone. Think he is srsly hoping I'm not his child.


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