31 August 2011

berlin babi '11

30 August 2011



Best time of mi lyf

will put up pixxxx tomozzzll3

24 August 2011


went job huntin today. was ok I guess, let's 'ope. Half the people in the shops I went in looked drugged or like they were fucking each other.

I applied 4 trainer stores coz there were h0t boyz in there. Lol

Feel real ugly atm. Oh yeah, and going 2 berlz tomrrw! HYPE



23 August 2011

Latitude Festival suckUmentary

HI! So I filmed my friend Lucy being cool at Latitude. The general response after seeing the video, is to envy us, our lifestyle, filled with mindless sex, drugs, and boys. Plz try and not take out your anger and channel yer aggression into something like knitting or boxing.


21 August 2011

Meet Dananananaykroyd- Noisey

Dananananaykroyd are a gr8 band from Glasgow perform their crackin' tunez : "Black Wax", "Watch This", "Muscle Memory" + "Some Dresses" for Noisey.com

my hair fuked up :"(

long n short of it, I look like ronald mcdonald with a black fringe. I rock it I guess though... I only meant for me to have a darkish brown fringe / roots and blondish bottom. Well, let's just say it doesn't look the way I wanted. Plus I had to cut the split ends so I have a like, bob. :"(

16 August 2011

Tumblr equalz kak

Some Tumblrs I do not mind looking thru coz they have kewl pix of kewl hair dye and cake and whatevr. What I h8, is when these stupid twats have pictures all throughout their tumblrs like "FUCK SOCIETY, DO METH". Or two moving pikkiz of sum cancer sticks (ciggyz) moving, with maybe a photoshopped picture of the gal from Crystal Castles. Bad ASS.

Oh and the gals who post 100 pictures of other fit girls in their underwear to try and give off this "Boyz I'm a lezza" "datz hawt right"?? kinda look.. It's just embarrassing TBH.

My personal fave are the snaps of empty Jack Daniel bottles with the caption something like "Wild Nights, Partying Away, Never Fade, Those Glamorus Dayz".. oh please. Dn't mke me v0m. klklkl

I still rep my friends tumblr though, cause theirs is KL.


Hair Dying or whatvr

Today I was alone and bored and felt hella wild so thought "why da f shouldn't I dye mi hair"? lolz
Anyways, I got my dye and did some shit and it didn't turn out quite as intense or whatever as I wanted but I'm doing it again in a couple ov days and picking up my lilac and silver dye <33 yay.

Also I really do dislike every1. Apart from like, 4 people. Everyone else is so uncool and uninteresting and uncreative and uninspiring. I think I'm cooler than most p33ple. No jkz, I am, I promise U.


14 August 2011

My Doc Martens were pretty much the best investment EVA. Buy them a bit too big, so they'll last even longer, and be shocked at how long they last, even when they scuff up ETC. I LUV THEM! Worth every dim3 innit. Here's a competition where you can win some http://firstandforever.drmartens.co.uk/

The History Of Apple Pie Pixxxx AND SHIT

them @ tha Old Blue, forgot to put them up. NGL I think they are pretty shit. I listened to their song "You're So Cool" or something like that. The sign of Billie Jd Porter in their video just made me lolz, like are all these indie fux all in the same gang? The lead singers voice is so boring I actually feel like I'm asleep right now as I'm bearing to listen to the song again to make this blog more accurate. So I'm gunna switch it off now. FanK God!

Also as much as I h8 tumblrzz big up ma best friends one : www.canwehaveyournumber.tumblr.com <3333 (don't h8. they actually are the coolest people eva))

10 August 2011

snapz from cuntryside

< ma cusins effed toe nail :"( looks arty though
< forcing my other cusin to pose bless him

< disfunctional family <3
cheeky self uppy but put it here coz i look really odd... like an avatar! u geh me?


9 August 2011

har har

In the midst of this riot business, I've managed to get a lot of standard LOLZ outta my friends. My chumz aren't what you'd normally label 'cool', but I think they are, and they should get credit 4 being so goshdarn special and ..lively. AKA they (including me) are identical to the cast of The Inbetweeners.

(fb chat)

Sonia: one of them was my family friend

Me: omggg nooo

Sonia: I was like look its dilawa

Me: PRICELESShahaahhahahaa

Sonia: haha i no! and who's gonna riot in southall. like to pick up a few saris WTF

Me: oo bitchy witchy. I recorded Nina doing 'oo la la' and can't stop lolling

S: hahahaa, i can so imagine u coming t0 southall to steal all the indian goods

M: hahaaha isnt it with a bibi gun with guneet like shoutout 2 giggs, fuck Chipmunk, Aman ali, da nigguhs luv me

S: he invited me to a BBQ with him and Amarjot
and Ishameet
this is the only party invite i've had all summer

Oh, BTDUBZ, getting so pissy with all the horrible holz 2k11 photos clogging up my news feed. I mean, those ones full of girls wearing next to nothing, in Cyprus or somewhere like that in some shit ass clubz posing with blatant local gwease ball men unda da influence like 'sxc brit gals up 4 sum dwinkin sex n RAV3Z'. Then the cream of the crop are the after club pikkiz. The us lot are in a rented appartment 'aka PARENTZ FREE ZONE!!! US ALONE IN CYPRUS!!!! WE CAN DO WHUTEVA DA FUQ WE WANT!!!!! MUM N DAD P*** OFF ! XOXOXOX'
Wow.. With one of the chicks so lashed she is passed out and the other one pouring coffee into a sauce pan coz she's so effed she dunt have a klue what in da wurld she's up 2!! cheeky bi@tch! Litch guys, I'm a facebook stalka, so I obvz am gonna look at whatever rolls my way, but please, take some decent pix that make my lame stalk worth while.


7 August 2011

i need 2 stop

stalking bands on facebook twitter and stalking their frendz and comparing myself 2 them.
I'd be scared if I was these people :(

God bless me...

6 August 2011

Noisey Nights

NOISEY.COM has planned some bangin' parteeyz for y'all to get yer asses to, in places such as Leeds, Bristol and Bournemouth.

Yo From Suffolk

Hey y'all!

So I'm up in Suffolk with my gawjus cousins who are as kool as always and my auntie and gran and Dad. Kinda pissed I'm missing Field Day but family comes first innit! And it's bliss down 'ere.

Today we climbed up some church tower, like 5 minutes after I rolled outta bed. We were climbing in basically complete darkness, with the steepest stepz evz (I've climbed up the Vatican) and dust and shit coming at you at loads of angles. There was sum bloke behind me, and I just heard "nah, I'm stopping this, I'm having a panic attack". Helllllllzzzz NO I thought, as I'm a sufferer of dem attax so I was like shit, this hike must get cray-z soon! His dad chimed in "If I'm 62 and can do it, so can you". Long story short my 9 year old cousin carried on and me and this panic attack guy were in this mid way stop room thing. "Im going doing on my butt", he said. Oh christ. At this point my breath was getting faster and I was screaming for my auntie. The dude then was like "I'll come down with you, but If you fall..I'll try to catch you ..but like...no guarantee". Bliddy 'eck. So whatevz I eventually got down..

To top of the utter exhileration, I went with the cousinz to a Model Train Village. Oh dear God. The men in there looked like crosses between Count Olaf, and some hill billy from Deliverance. I felt sick at my stomach at the throng of old pervy men with greasy Grey hair in buns. I was pretty much the only teenage gurl there, and although I was in a baggy dress, I felt as if I was in a fucking bikini. "Oh, the trains are gorgeous", ma auntie told my cuz. In the corner of my eye I spy some fat little dwarf, lookin' like a lobster (hehehehe) with all his t-shirt buttons undone, just waiting for a chicka to oil him down. G@G. "I knuw we R hehehehehehehe", he chuckled to his m8. I felt like throwing up and laughing... awkzzzzz

We pushed da thrill seeking day 2 tha extreme and rode a rollercoaster (e.g a plastic train) for 50p, driven by some sleaze ball old man. YUMMii YuMmii!

Luca (my 9 yr old cuz), my Dad and I walked to the beach. The sun was shining, waves crashing, I felt at pe@ce with everyfing. Luca says "look, look, I wrote something in the sand". Awwwww, I thought, how perf. I look and see "FUCK" written there. Nice. Love my family.


4 August 2011


Feeling miserable and horrible ATM. Can't go to Field Day, can't go to Underage, will make Gross Magic on Wedz but will probably get kicked out for stalking/getting aggressive. Ordered some hair dye to make me look nice (r)

Trying to get a job, that's working out well lolz jkz. I want to work in some indie place so I can LOL but CBA to trek to Covent Garden or Bwick Lane every morning. Gonna make a movie by the sea tomorrow, including some nudity because I've been wanting to do that, not like 'come here boyz' because that's just gross but just 4 ARTZ sake ya know? I don't partic want it up on facebook, as everyone will probably say ' i dnt gt it??? y u taking vdeo?? y u not at parti??". Generally I get like 6 dislikes if I put videos on youtube but I'll probs put it there, but definitely on the blog. So y'all can throw some insults/criticism/lolz at me.

P.S- Can everyone get over the fact I h8 Midnight Beast. Go take your lame a$$ comments and go edit your tumblr with some more pixx of Odd Future or a sk8er boy bunnin weed. Thanx.

Love you, please pray I feel less ugly and less like Jack Black tomozzles.