I don't wanna be what they want me to B

So, my weekend has been seriously busy! I know, what a shocker..

On Friday I went to a 'gathering', 'intimate house parT', whatever you wanna call it. Despite having about three panic attacks due to the fact I was around drugs (I h8 them) it was was fun. Only complaint, (although I AM a huge fan of indie/rock music), was the excessive amount of that genre played on da dancefloor. I rebelled several times changing the song to 'Missy Elliot- Work it' and some dubstep. lolz. Saturday I went to a BFFZ birthday dinner thing at this place none of us had been before-- 'Grace', a club/restaurant in central London. Bad jokes were made that evening such as 'Don't you look GWACEful tonight bbz'. HAHAHAHAHHAAHH I laughed. So, GUYZ NEVER GO THERE. We roll in, and there's some bouncer with no front teeth at the door asking for our I.DS, although we were only eating. GR8. We finally enter after coaxing the asshole to let us in. Drunk men in suits were hanging out, jigging to the jumping Enrique and Pitbull pumping out the speakers. All of us wandered through the 'club' and entered the dining area, which was practically empty. Basix, we wanted to surprise the birthday gal with a cake and candle (you get me). Nina whispers to some ginger waitress, telling her to make sure to put a candle in a cake. Two of our chums go out for a cheeky cancer stick and this wannabe Adrian Brody waiter with a put on Italian accent throws some brownie at Sonia. No candle. No sparkler. Nothing but a brownie. -_________-. "Where's the candle", we said as Sonia laughed at how standard/heart-breaking this situation was. "Uhmm, oh, I sorry, here"-- and all of a sudden a tea light is placed near the brownie, lighting up the apparent strand of hair on the bowl. Yum. Happy Birthday, lolz jkz.


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