Yo From Suffolk

Hey y'all!

So I'm up in Suffolk with my gawjus cousins who are as kool as always and my auntie and gran and Dad. Kinda pissed I'm missing Field Day but family comes first innit! And it's bliss down 'ere.

Today we climbed up some church tower, like 5 minutes after I rolled outta bed. We were climbing in basically complete darkness, with the steepest stepz evz (I've climbed up the Vatican) and dust and shit coming at you at loads of angles. There was sum bloke behind me, and I just heard "nah, I'm stopping this, I'm having a panic attack". Helllllllzzzz NO I thought, as I'm a sufferer of dem attax so I was like shit, this hike must get cray-z soon! His dad chimed in "If I'm 62 and can do it, so can you". Long story short my 9 year old cousin carried on and me and this panic attack guy were in this mid way stop room thing. "Im going doing on my butt", he said. Oh christ. At this point my breath was getting faster and I was screaming for my auntie. The dude then was like "I'll come down with you, but If you fall..I'll try to catch you ..but like...no guarantee". Bliddy 'eck. So whatevz I eventually got down..

To top of the utter exhileration, I went with the cousinz to a Model Train Village. Oh dear God. The men in there looked like crosses between Count Olaf, and some hill billy from Deliverance. I felt sick at my stomach at the throng of old pervy men with greasy Grey hair in buns. I was pretty much the only teenage gurl there, and although I was in a baggy dress, I felt as if I was in a fucking bikini. "Oh, the trains are gorgeous", ma auntie told my cuz. In the corner of my eye I spy some fat little dwarf, lookin' like a lobster (hehehehe) with all his t-shirt buttons undone, just waiting for a chicka to oil him down. G@G. "I knuw we R hehehehehehehe", he chuckled to his m8. I felt like throwing up and laughing... awkzzzzz

We pushed da thrill seeking day 2 tha extreme and rode a rollercoaster (e.g a plastic train) for 50p, driven by some sleaze ball old man. YUMMii YuMmii!

Luca (my 9 yr old cuz), my Dad and I walked to the beach. The sun was shining, waves crashing, I felt at pe@ce with everyfing. Luca says "look, look, I wrote something in the sand". Awwwww, I thought, how perf. I look and see "FUCK" written there. Nice. Love my family.



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