16 August 2011

Tumblr equalz kak

Some Tumblrs I do not mind looking thru coz they have kewl pix of kewl hair dye and cake and whatevr. What I h8, is when these stupid twats have pictures all throughout their tumblrs like "FUCK SOCIETY, DO METH". Or two moving pikkiz of sum cancer sticks (ciggyz) moving, with maybe a photoshopped picture of the gal from Crystal Castles. Bad ASS.

Oh and the gals who post 100 pictures of other fit girls in their underwear to try and give off this "Boyz I'm a lezza" "datz hawt right"?? kinda look.. It's just embarrassing TBH.

My personal fave are the snaps of empty Jack Daniel bottles with the caption something like "Wild Nights, Partying Away, Never Fade, Those Glamorus Dayz".. oh please. Dn't mke me v0m. klklkl

I still rep my friends tumblr though, cause theirs is KL.


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