har har

In the midst of this riot business, I've managed to get a lot of standard LOLZ outta my friends. My chumz aren't what you'd normally label 'cool', but I think they are, and they should get credit 4 being so goshdarn special and ..lively. AKA they (including me) are identical to the cast of The Inbetweeners.

(fb chat)

Sonia: one of them was my family friend

Me: omggg nooo

Sonia: I was like look its dilawa

Me: PRICELESShahaahhahahaa

Sonia: haha i no! and who's gonna riot in southall. like to pick up a few saris WTF

Me: oo bitchy witchy. I recorded Nina doing 'oo la la' and can't stop lolling

S: hahahaa, i can so imagine u coming t0 southall to steal all the indian goods

M: hahaaha isnt it with a bibi gun with guneet like shoutout 2 giggs, fuck Chipmunk, Aman ali, da nigguhs luv me

S: he invited me to a BBQ with him and Amarjot
and Ishameet
this is the only party invite i've had all summer

Oh, BTDUBZ, getting so pissy with all the horrible holz 2k11 photos clogging up my news feed. I mean, those ones full of girls wearing next to nothing, in Cyprus or somewhere like that in some shit ass clubz posing with blatant local gwease ball men unda da influence like 'sxc brit gals up 4 sum dwinkin sex n RAV3Z'. Then the cream of the crop are the after club pikkiz. The us lot are in a rented appartment 'aka PARENTZ FREE ZONE!!! US ALONE IN CYPRUS!!!! WE CAN DO WHUTEVA DA FUQ WE WANT!!!!! MUM N DAD P*** OFF ! XOXOXOX'
Wow.. With one of the chicks so lashed she is passed out and the other one pouring coffee into a sauce pan coz she's so effed she dunt have a klue what in da wurld she's up 2!! cheeky bi@tch! Litch guys, I'm a facebook stalka, so I obvz am gonna look at whatever rolls my way, but please, take some decent pix that make my lame stalk worth while.



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