I had such a good time at Latz this year. Like WOW. Being a boy magnet (lolz jkz) I also am a magnet to bands. HEHE. We met Dog Is Dead, they were cool, and they asked what I did in London and I answered "not a lot", sounding really interesting, but hey, it's a slightly awkz question. Lexi Chung was spotted by me, and she looked really boring, but she was angelic. Literally, go home. She was nicer then I expected and her chumz weren't to indie which was a nice change. Oh yeah, we also got the dude from The Duke and Kings number, aka he was hitting on my friend but her phone broke so it's in mine..p3@k. We got a pik with the dude from Spector, his dry humor was... distasteful in my opinion, on stage I mean. His lips were too red. Almost forgot, we met the Misfits cast. They were alwite.

So anyways, lemme break it down.. Chapel Club were incredible, I only knew three of their songs, but we got front row, and wrote Chapel Club on our chest bcoz we R groupies, fail for me as I wasn't wearing anything low cut. Yeah, I kept shouting "PLAY ALL THE EASTERN GALS" and when they finally did I went cray-z, i.e Lucy and I 'moshing' together just, pushing eachother back and forth. lulz.

Bombay Bicycle was emotional. I listened to them 24/7 around last year but I lost their CD for some reason. I got such a shit place in the gig as it was packed, and I was actually crying, singing along to "cancel on me" which got me thru some tuff timez 2k10. As my tears were rolling down my sweaty face, I could hear "YEAH MATE, YEAH DIS 'ERE TATTOO I GOT 3 YEARS AGO", right behind me, in some loud, "i'm a fking geezah" voice. This, stupid, tedious conversation went on throughout the WHOLE of the fucking gig. Yeah. The same happened with Foals, it was emotional but we had shit places, well that's a lie kind of, because we got to the middle but then these guys were all "he's gonna DIE in this moshpit". So with the cigars and weed being blown into my face, we moved to the back.

The Cribs were J ESHTFDJKGHFKJHGJ. We got good/ish places, and there was some off da railz mosh pit which standardly Lucy got involved in, and me for a tiny bit. There was some groovy Chinese kid, just skankin' in the middle of the pit, it was quite a luvely site. He was hot. Or maybe it was just his 'swag'. Whatever, it was so good when they played 'Hey Scenester", but also really really embarrassing, as on all the teen mosherz faces was a blatant "oh yeahhh fuck yeahhhh, I'm 'ard". Ya know? They played "Be Safe", one of my fave songz.
< Da Houses (lolzoolzolzolzoolz) im zo funni
< Lucy clappin' on dem mosherzzz

Yeah, I don't want to write too much, but Kele was just..................magnetic, elektric, beyond any expectations.




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