We're No Heroes Interview

We're No Heroes are a band from Cardiff, who make really catchy tunes, give the lads a listen:www.werenoheroes.com

A: When did you all start We're No Heroes?

Dewey: we started the band in Chicago in summer 2009, luke (drummer) moved out there so we went to visit him. TC: we practiced for a few days in a downtown studio where loads of famous artists have recorded, except it was situated in a run down back alley fish market in a building which resembled some kind of old mafia hideout, so wasn’t all that glamorous. Luke: Its kind of where it all started.. although we had no name yet, or any idea of what we wanted the band would sound like, we just knew that this is what we wanted to do.

A: I think some of your songs sound slightly like Foals. Are there any bands in particular you wanted to band to sound like?

Luke: we truly don't try and sound like anyone but ourselves. We love music and we all enjoy different kinds of music, so when we bring it together its our sound. Dewey: the main thought behind it was we wanted to create something new and different TC: we also wanted to go against a lot of the cliche stuff we saw all the time in the local scene.

A: What do you all normally get up to on the weekend?

Dewey: If we're not working, we're partying. usually getting off our faces and losing our minds. Luke: then cool down by solving ridiculously large maths equations and discussing the present economical climate. TC: ..or tweeting!!

A: If you were a superhero what would your power be and why?

TC: the power to make people dance on command. Dewey: To see into the future- Music is all about being in the right place at the right time, this would help.
Luke: teleportation obviously, would make getting to gigs alot easier.

A: Do you guys have a goal you'd like the band to reach apart from playing really good live performances?

Dewey: to tour the world. TC: Ultimately we just want everyone to hear our music and maybe in the long run for the band to be our job. Luke: its a passion but also what we want as a career.

A: Who is your hero?

Dewey: I don't have one, heroes are not what their cracked up to be, hence the name of the band. TC: yeah heroes are overatted… so um, Ron Burgundy! Luke: Dewey & Tom….but mostly Dewey!

Thanks guys, good luck in your upcoming year.


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