30 September 2010


If anyone wants a handmade tee saying 'LOL' on it, please inbox me. Yes, i'm being serious.


29 September 2010


I'm hoping most people have seen the advert for Carolina Herrara's new perfume. The song is so catchy and goes 'your on the gueslist (she's not), or something like that anyways. Maybe i'm just cooler than most, but when i watch it, i sing along to it, like i'm there, wiv ma invite in hand, swaggering down.... LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kYbHvch1xCo

Most perfume adverts, or adverts in general are so shit. Like Compare the Meerkat? I mean come ON. There is no information around comparing the MARKET, just about these meerkats, that think they are jokers trying to be Borat. Too far. The one that gets my goat is 'Activa TLC'. No kids, that isn't Tender Lovin' Care, instead it's TUMii Luviin care. Oh bliddy hell. They threw in some chick who apparently is in Eastenders, i have personally only seen her in the constantly swearing woman from Love Actually.


22 September 2010


This made me LOL bigtime. So true, reminds me of so many people.


21 September 2010

Paedo Ego Boost

You see an old man, a hairy disgusting old man looks you up and down, or maybe blurts out 'very nice, very nice **looks down, looks back up, smirks**.

Most people either say fuck off, or feel disgusted, or if you live around my area, think of it as a daily occurance. What I just don't get is how some girls get a kick out of it. Like O-M-G, the guy with the crusty foot just totes looked at me ( i must look so effing buff). Are you that desperate?

Or when they accept all the perves on their facebook, and like talking dirty to them as bre jks? Wow aren't you a jok@.

This remains a mystery to me my friends!

I feel so bunged up. I might go listen to Tracy Beaker on CD in a bit, it helps me get to sleep. Oh my god Gossip Girl looks so juicy! I am so hyped



18 September 2010

The Inbetweeners

Alright so once a fuckin gain, pictures aren't uploadinn propahly but yeah.

Me and Anna, Will and Simon.
I don't think there's anyway we could be more alike.
Sometimes, when watching the show together it's almost frightening.
Like maybe they have stolen our identities and made a show, like maybe just maybe we're even uncooler than we thought.

Most people feel us on dis, and say "You guyz are like dem blokes off da inbetweeners!" but others don't agree, so please comment if you do think you can imagine Anna graffin someones front drive with an "I wuv you" or me putting a blanket over a disabled person's head because he just wouldn't shaddup.

TY guyz, plz comment (knoe you won't) Ninax

GOD 'elp me

Epicanthal fold: A fold of skin that comes down across the inner angle (canthus) of the eye. The epicanthal fold is more common in children with Down syndrome and other birth defects than normal children and so is of value in diagnosis.

Alright guys. So, my eyes are a bit 'unique'. I've never MINDED my eyes, despite the fact when i put eyeliner fully around them, they look like bowling bowls. Basically this bit of skin covers over the red thing in the corner of my eye, making my eyes appear bigger, but look slightly oriental..

I decided to research this, and check if it was normal (since i have NEVER seen anyone else with my eye thing), and if you do, please holla at me. It is called an Epicanthal fold, and I typed it in google and children with down syndrome came up. I got one of the images in google of their eye, so you can compare it.

AND i got a picture of my beautiful friend Tara's eye, which is normal because you can see the red ting.

14 September 2010

reply to todds thing on da bl0g below

the entry was about a type of person not really about music. Yeah ok not everyone is going to like Dynomite, I for one personally love it. I didn't say meaningful music was indie! Haha if meaningful music was called 'indie' i'd shoot myself. Quite a lot of 'indie' has no meaning to it, which is fine. Meaningful can be anything, to anyone.. whether it be 'it's just because i'm nananann frisky'. Bruce Springsteen some call meaningful and i wouldn't call him 'indie'. The entry was pointing out how arrogant people can be in looking down at people for liking something that is not new and 'hot', no i'm not talking about David Bowie, i'm talking about someone (i used indie as an example) liking an old hip/jazz/emo whatever song and someone being all 'pfffft you don't know music'. Because, maybe it is just me, but i have met a lot of people like that. I think music has a lot to do with your mood, and if you want to listen to Tik Tok, yeah sure as hell we're not making movements but tbh that's too bad because some people are in a silly dancey mood. Most of the time I don't want to listen to things I find meaningful because it makes me sad or think a lot personally. I think it's narrow minded also if someone also likes just the top 40 hits, but when did i say you should? I see your point about the mainstreamers doing it for fame, and to be honest that is probably correct, but quite often other bands do it for the sex and the drugs and whatever.. they don't have to have vulgure lyrics and dress with shutter shades to be like that. That's the joy of mainstream, you're not expecting anything, it's just the song, to be honest you don't care about the lyrics, infact you might take the piss out of them. But half these alternative bands come out with songs you actually relate to and you think they're creativr and then BANG interview with the lead singer saying it was about being high on heroin.

13 September 2010


Hi. Hey. HEY xD xD.

So, I going to dedicate this entry to people who really get me screaming 'GET OUT OV MA WORLD'.

We've all seen them. They're everywhere.
(Or maybe it's just my imagination)

The people who obvs spend their days looking up new tunes on their lappyz (not like i haven't but ok) and THEN someone shows you a song on youtube and is like 'Oh no, please, this song has only been released to two people in the wurld, you may or may not know it (JOKES U FKIN DNT U UN-INDIE GiiT- I DO I DO DOE IN UR FACE (**teehee**).' You listen.. and bored because you'd rather rock to taio cruz (why do people hate on dynomite, i love that song?) anyways, then you sneekily, TRY and get on the same level as them by showing them a song you think is new and NO, 'i have heard this a million times before babez'..GO HOME

Also when people only listen to new music, and kind of smirk when they hear you like, i dunno, for example, Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons (as much as they get on my nerves now i did like Little Lion man or whatever.. And then they say 'hahaah catch up...' or 'right....have you heard their new stuff? jee-wizz, takes me back to listening to the old western beats of the ranch in which my mother gave me life'. NO.

Fair enough we all say, 'oh have you heard the rest of the album of theirs?' but we don't do it in some patrinising way.

ALSO, thinking about this the other day made me get paranoid because i thought maybe these shits are just soo passionate about music, cut them some slack but tbh it bugz me. Like when i went on someones wall and the status was 'PRAY GOD XX don't win mercury prize!!!!!!!!!!' and then 8 comments like 'i completely agree there fellow. xx all sound the same, and don't sound original. Unlike Mumz and Sonz who are so totes individual (HOW ARE THEY BTW? They sound like any old country folk crap but a bit more pretencious) and if you go back 5 years when so and so one the award it was such a travestry, but my oh my, xx's ballads and gslfhdlfhlj;flkhjdskjl JUST STOP.. PLEASE?

When i am around these kind of people i feel like i am being so heavily judged, and if i say i like kesha they'd bloody hang me in rough trade or something.. Why do people take themselves so seriously?? Does it make them feel important? Maybe i am just speaking nonsense and probs being hyprocritical BUT H3Y H03 baby kakes.

LOVE Y'ALL. plz comment, i know you won't. hehehe

1 September 2010

Festival Pikz

Right, so I've been on facebook, and come across about 5 million festival albums, whether it be Reading or Glasto, whatever. All the pictures are the SAME.

Here is the general theme:

-Taken by a disposable
-All taken of their 'crew' chilling out around their tent, getting completely wasted
-Someone lying on the floor
-Some smoking in a tent
-A picture taken by themselves of one or two people at night, out of control, with a blurred picture of a stage in the background.
-People holding beer cans
-A supa cool pikki of a pile of their rubbish (omgz) including: paper, fags, tinned beans...etc
-People just woken up..
-People holding the gr8 combo of pot noodle and a fag.

Okay, why can't people be a bit imaginative and take some pictures of the bands playing? Yeah, everybody knows at festivals people get craz3 or whatever, but to be honest, appart from the people who look at themselves in the album like 'shit dude, i can totes not memba any of dat :S', nobody really gives a toss if you were stoned. And why do people pay all the money, to sit around in a circle, smoking cigarettes, lie in a tent all day, and go to a couple of bands? That's what it seems like half these people do. Is it just to say, 'ahh yeah man reading was siiiccck' or to make your facebook status 'reading- what a time. '10'. I like festivals, but i think it mostly is about the music.

Also, I hate, how everyone who is sane, knows that Notting Hill Carnival is going on, yet we get the constant 'NOTTINGHILL CARNIVAL TODAY!!!!', 'Gonna dress up well funny for the carnival' 'Notting Hill Carnival' 'Notz Hillz Carnz'. YES MATE, WE GET IT. Jease. Again, half these people probably wouldn't even go to it, if they weren't able to post a pic up on facebook of them 'soakin up da reggae' or facebooking they are going. Because it's considered cool to go to it, people love to prove they're going or something. Don't get it...