28 July 2010

Mystery Jetz

Right, so I popped down to Rough Trade (indiiE) in Notting Hill, and came across 'Serotonin', so decided to buy it.
I've really grown into buying CDs because you get to here all the songs, before they get on radio, and you get to rok out in your room, instead of being antisocial on your ipod. And if you're really badass you can krank ur speakas so your neighbours ring up the po-po. LOL. Okay, back to the music..(I'm commenting on some of my favourites)

The song Serotonin, is brilliant. It starts with an infectious beat, then fades down, and Blaine almost whispers the lyrics at first, then the singing gets louder and louder, then finally the catchy beat starts again with the chorus 'Serotonin you're burning a hole into my heart.' Towards the end, I feel an element of 'Grease', where the words 'Sera-serotonin' are repeated; you could almost imagine it being sung by a group of gelled haired, leather jacket wearing, dudes, in a diner (but in a good way).

Melt, is another great song which I can't seem to get out of my head. It begins with a slow, chilled out, vibe, like they have piece of grass in their mouth, bopping their heads. Then there is a build up, where the lyrics 'cos when you come around the house at night darling, there's just one thing I want to do, yeah when you come around the house at night darling, there's just one thing I want to do, all I wanna do is MELT MELT MELT MELT into you. When they say the words 'Melt', it's as if they have been gasping for air and have just released, or that they've been constipated the whole day, and then finally done a shit, and have been so happy they just wanna shout 'MELT MELT MELT'. Do you get what I mean? Whatevs.. Then the pace gets fast, and slightly chaotic, when the words 'this is what, I've been waiting for, been waiting for, been waiting for, (or something along the lines of that). Then yet again it breaks into the chorus MELT MELT MELT. I actually will pay someone a fiver if by the end of the song, you are not humming or singing 'Melt, melt, melt, melt into you. Literally.

I forgot to add, If you do buy this album, you get a groovy CD cover booklet, where the band appear to be somewhere exotic. The cover is of one of the members spraying his pits, one in the bath tub looking like 'FML' one going for the intellectual look and reading the paper, and then one chillin' by the balcony (chilled out dude). In the other bits of the cover, there is a picture of one of the guys shaving, a picture of a (i'm assuming) drunken night, where there is a chick gigglin', lying down on the boys, who seem wasted. It's not pretentious- almost like a picture diary, which is kinda cool.

I really recommend this album- the songs all sound different, and are toe-tapping beauties.

Anna x

27 July 2010


The tube is a strange, uncomfortable place. I noticed, nearly 99 percent of people on the tube carriage you're in, look un-earthly, or just fucking weird. Today, I had a man who looked like a gingerbread that had been turned into a human but then had been thrown in a sewage dump, sitting next to me. He was really creepy, and kept looking at me. So I looked back, looking at his bushy eyebrows, and eyes, where one was bigger then the other, and one was squinting. He reminded me of something of the kids t.v show 'Trollz'. I hated the fact I was sitting opposite him, that he could see me and that I could see him. Isn't itweird that on the tube anyone gets to see anyone? Like we might aswell as be sitting at dinner, opposite eachother at a table, just not speaking.

Then you have the standard perves; hair greasing, mono brows juicy, and faces disgusting. I think the people get weirder, as you go out of the central bit of London and into the suburbs. Don't know why- they just do. Buses are different, they aren't awkward. Tubes are so blunt, so sharp, like everyone sitting opposite eachother, there is no avoiding glancing at them at some point. Sometimes you look at them, and they get the wrong impression, like shit man they're UP 4 IT i ain't going home solo tonite..
Or if a really nice guy is sitting opposite, and you don't want to look at them because it's cringe, and you go red because they are fit (maybs that's just me). My preference for tubes is the District line, it is spacious and is mostly overground, whereas the bloody central is so stuffy n' butters. It would be nice if instead we had little compartments, like balls, with seats, so you could go in one, or fit your friends in, and go through a tunnel thing.. Like in the Incredibles when they go into the island if you get me?

Anna x

24 July 2010

23 July 2010

Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?

Hey, this is an interesting documentary, called 'Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock'. It's about a woman, who would stereotypically be named 'trailer trash', (although I don't think so), who is american and drives a truck. She buys a painting for her friend, which she thinks is horrible, for 5 dollars at a charity shop. Her son tells her it looks a lot like Jackson Pollock, and she says she has never heard of the fucking guy. Lol.

Then she hires CSI style painting detectives, to see if it IS a real Pollock. If it is, it would be worth millions. I won't give it away if it is one or not. It's not a particularly gripping film, it's a fun, documentary which shows that people who #$&% the haterz and believe in themselves will make it. Oh and that surprising things can happen.

Anna xx


i love this song, i love the lyrics, so here they are. I like the fact they are slighty messed up, and his voice is almost demonic. But good. FrYars- chOcolate

Alice and Ivy In fights with Police,
There's a place round the corner I know
They took a turn,
And went the right way.
And they came and they hid in my show.
You Look Lost
Let me know where you want to go.
And then they cut our hair,
What a wonderful world,
What a wonderful world.
Then we had Clothes to wear.
What a wonderful boy,
What a wonderful girl, Said Alice and Ivy,
We're looking for surgeons, It really is time that we go,
They took a car,
And went to London,
And came to the Hospital, O,
You Look Lost Let me know what you want me to do.
And then Alice said she wants to be a girl
Feeling Hungry?
And the doctor said
Just eat this chocolate
And then Ivy said she wants to be a boy
Eat this chOcolate.
And the Doctor said
You're doing Fine
Ivy was a child,
She drank from straws,
She went a walking with the doors locked.
Alice was a devil,
With ivory bones,
HE had a shotgun it was sawn off.
Ivy drank testosterone,
And wanted just to be alone,
She said I will be a man one day,
Alice ate progesterone,
And just wanted to be alone,
He said I will be a girl one day.

It's extremely catchy and unlike anything you've heard. Youtube it!

Anna x

21 July 2010

19 July 2010


my life is extremely embarassing.
I am dying my hair lilac and pink. I like change let's hope it doesn't look shite. So depressed i missed Darwin Deez at Latitude yesterday, and he was apparently walking around the bloody site. Gr8 missed my chance to pop the question will yu mari me? jok3z.

My thing under my tongue hurts, ew what the fuck. Speaking of body parts i have an original asset. My eyes are commonly identified with people who have downsyndrome or alcohol disease (don't know what that is). The two pieces of skin fold over, which makes my eyes look like 2 round bowling bowls. Sweet. It could mean i have oriental ancestors which i doubt tbh, or maybe i was messed up in the embryo.

Nina is away i miss her so much. I want a dog to keep me company, a lil' pup, i like how you can talk to them and pretend they agree with you when nobody else will.

Annz x

1 July 2010

Oh lord

Okay, so I've been looking at this photo for about..10 minutes now?
And I physically cannot stop laughing.
Like I stop for a minute "navigate" away from the page (why do people say that? it aint a bloody map) and then i start laughing again.

I'm sorry but did someone sit there and think "Eh mate, you know what'll be joke! if i take a pic of your gob, get some googly eyes off clipart and stick em onto dis ere feline"

Whatever he was thinking, they were a complete genius because I have never laughed this hard.


Yeah so i'm hating this bloody 'ok' sign these so called 'dons' make. You know what i mean, like the hand with the circle in the middle. What the hell is that? Like hehe i'm so hard even though i go to private schooling and live in a big house.. Literally it kills me everytime. And they look at the camera in a menacing way, like 'dnt mess wit me ye i swear ye i swear'. No you look like a twat making the sign which you comonly use to symbol 'A-Ok', like i'm okay everything is cool. Not wagwarrrnn bre skeen. Just stop now.

Then you have the really cool guys who think they trick people into thinking they're rooney by putting footie tops with their name on the back as their profile picture. Oh my... Nuff' said. It's like me putting a gold medal saying olympic winna 2009 as my profile picture and thinking FUCK they will fink i won dis shit. LOLZ LOLZ.

I hate with a passion when people say 'nomnomnom'. What does this mean? I assume eating.. Who the fuck goes nomnomnom while they're chewing. Like i said it really quick and it just sounds weird. The word nomnomnom makes me physically feel sick. Chewchewchew is a better bloody alternative if your REALLY that desperate to show that people chew when they're eating.Nice.

We found a really good website for watching movies, like Kick Ass at great quality. Well i didn't find it, but someone in our glass did. Literally it's sick.
its something like tv dome . com !
check it out

anna x