No to Drugs

I just don't understand why people take drugs. Like, you're putting your whole life at risk, as you could have a reaction to a drug, no matter how many times you take it. If you're fucked up and want to die, go ahead.. but kids as young as 14 taking Methodrone, is fucking out of order. I miss the times people used to drink red bull and get drunk. But now it's trying the latest drugs and thinking your bad ass when actually your just trying to look cool.

The super cool kidz join groups on facebook like 'hugs not drugs', then write on the wall like heheheheehh r u kidding drugs are great' as if they are rebelling against the system. GET OUT. You're not messed up, you're not cool, you're just falling into peer pressure and going to mess up your life.

Nina and I are completely anti drugs. Peace out.


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